WhatsApp through Google Assistant

By administrator | September 6, 2019 | Investment.
WhatsApp through Google Assistant

WhatsApp through Google Assistant

WhatsApp through Google Assistant. Google not only integrates the Smart assistant technology of Google Assistant into its services, but also third party applications. One of them is support for making phone and video calls on WhatsApp. Previously, Google Assistant was already integrated with third party application messaging. However, new on WhatsApp only Google gives a phone command or video call through Google Assistant.

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WhatsApp through Google Assistant. To make voice and video calls using Google Assistant is pretty straightforward. As is common, users just need to say Hey Google resumes with WhatsApp video or WhatsApp call, then call the name of the person you want to contact. Google says, this support can already be enjoy by all Android users starting Thursday (09/05). However, based on the Android Police report, not all users can already do that.

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Audio calls through Google Assistant can only be done with WhatsApp, while video calls through Google Assistant can work through Google Duo or Hangouts. With WhatsApp integration, video or audio calls can be made easier for the millions of people who use this instant messaging service around the world.

WhatsApp does not explain whether voice and video calling capabilities of this Google Assistant use can only be use on mobile or on other devices. Given this ability allows the user to give commands to the chat application, it looks like this feature is only available in the Google Assistant handset.

Previously, Google Assistant also provide additional ability to read and write messages on WhatsApp and Telegram. However, messages that contain images, videos, and voice notes are not accessible.

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