SUN Yield Moving Limited

By administrator | January 25, 2019 | Economy.
SUN Yield Moving Limited

Illustration: SUN Yield Moving Limited

US Tresury Stable, SUN Yield Moving Limited. As well as, yield Bond (SUN) is expect to move Thursday on trading limited (23/1). Furthermore, this is fuelled by the relative movement of US Treasury yields and a weakening of the US dollar. Economist Samuel Securities Indonesia, Ahmad Mikail said, US Treasury yields move stable on Wednesday (23/1) night. Moreover, short-term US Treasury yields (10 years old) is stable at 2.74% level while the yield US Treasury long-term (30 years old) remain at the level of 3.06%.

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“The relative US Treasury yield fueled by the presence of the catalyst has not been positive from a variety of economic problems hit us,” said Ahmad in research, today. In fact, the movement of the price of oil and natural gas the world undertook to hold the rise in US Treasury yields. The price of West Texas Intermediate oil rose 0.11% to as low as thin USD 52.2 per Barrel on Wednesday night and and then while the price of natural gas stabilized at the level of the USD 3.3 per mmbtu. Stable oil prices caused investor worries against rising US oil production. With these results, yields a potentially moving SUN limited trading yesterday. Michael predicts, today yields SUN reference series 10 years will be moving in the range of 8.0%-8.12%.

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