Spain Lockdown Anticipation of COVID-19

By administrator | March 15, 2020 | Economy.
Spain Lockdown Anticipation of COVID-19

Spain Lockdown Anticipation of COVID-19

One of Europe country, Spain Lockdown Anticipation of COVID-19. Spain is doing lockdown partially on Saturday local time as part of a 15-day emergency to fight a Coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic. Spain is now the second-worst-affected country in Europe by the Coronavirus COVID-19 after Italy. Reported from Reuters, all Spain society should stay at home except to buy food, medicines, go to work and to hospital or for emergencies.

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Bars, restaurants and shops selling anything but food and other staples must be close. All recreational and sporting activities must also be closed, including cinemas, theaters, swimming pools or football fields. We will eventually return to our routine work and re-visit our friends and loved ones, said Spain Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in a national television speech.

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Until then, do not waste energy that is important now. Do not get lost, he said all to stay home. Shortly after the announcement, the government said Pedro Sanchez wife, Begona Gomez, was also positively expose to the Coronavirus COVID-19. Spain record 193 deaths from the Coronavirus COVID-19 and so far there have been 6,250 confirm cases in Italy.

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The school closed throughout Spain and the first economic stimulus package was announce on Thursday. The government is expect to announce further measures on Saturday to mitigate the economic and social impacts of this crisis with the help of corporations and workers. But after a seven-hour cabinet meeting, the ministers did not find the word agree and Pedro Sanchez said the steps were going to wait until the next meeting.

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In the steps announce on Saturday, domestic transportation will be limited starting on Monday, with airline carriers, trains and ships order to cut services. City and Metro buses will still be fully functional and international flights are not affect. Employers should let their workers work remotely, and governments say the public should choose that option whenever possible.

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