SOEs Implements Social Distancing Coronavirus

By administrator | March 20, 2020 | Economy.
SOEs Implements Social Distancing Coronavirus

SOEs Implements Social Distancing Coronavirus

SOEs Implements Social Distancing Coronavirus. Various State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) that have business related to public service began to implement social distancing in anticipation of the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19. Social distancing is the attitude of maintaining distance with others. Presidential direction to keep the distance applied in the SOEs that directly serve the public.

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Trailing line and seat distances have been apply, so the ideal distance keep the distance maintained. Maintaining the distance to the interests of the community of State Owned Enterprises services users is very important, on the other hand one of the SOEs efforts to ensure the safety and health of the employees of SOEs in the forefront of serving the public, said SOEs Minister Erick Thohir.

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As Angkasa Pura II implements the concept of social restrictions at manage airports to prevent transmission of Coronavirus COVID-19. Examples of social distancing applications are through the forging of a number of yellow lines on the floor each one metre away as a line boundary marker for the aircraft passengers.

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In addition, in each lift in the passenger terminal has also been given a standing limit for each individual. When inside the elevator, every individual is not allow to face a direct or mandatory front facing wall and the elevator door. Not to forget, Angkasa Pura II reordering seats in the boarding lounge with priority enough distance among passengers.

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The same is also apply by Angkasa Pura I. Social distancing done Angkasa Pura I by forging a guide sticker of one metre distance is done in the inspection area when entering the check in area, each security check point, entrance line into the elevator, Boarding pass inspections, Fixbridge and Aviobridge, baggage pick-up queues and taxi queues.

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Not only at the airport, the implementation of social distancing is also carry out in several ports manage by State Owned Enterprises. As in Tanjung Priok Port manage by Pelindo II. Pelni also apply the concept of distance restriction between passengers. Distance restriction is apply when passengers are queueing for entry aboard.

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In addition, ASDP Indonesia Ferry also conducts social distancing in several ports, one of them in Bakaheuni Port, Merak Port. Social distancing is carry out from ticketing queues, passenger lounges to the passenger terminal lifts. In this case, ASDP is also always active and continuously announce to the service users to maintain the health of the body and hygiene through the culture of hand washing.

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Not only hand sanitizer, ASDP Indonesia Ferry also prepare hand wash soap in every toilet which is in port or boat. Kereta Api Indonesia also implements social distancing at every station, one of them at Pasar Senen Station. The queue limit is applied at the ticket purchase counter, self check-in counters, passenger queues during boarding and waiting rooms.

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