Customs Duties Lower Customs Duties and Taxes

By administrator | December 24, 2019 | Tax.
Customs Duties Lower Customs Duties and Taxes

Customs Duties Lower Customs Duties and Taxes

Customs Duties Lower Customs Duties and Taxes. The Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DJBC) of the Ministry of Finance lowers the limits of customs duties and taxes for imported goods (de minimis), as the increase of imported products through e-commerce affects the competitiveness of domestic industry. Director of DJBC Heru Pambudi, decided to lower the threshold of imported goods import into USD 3. Previously, the Government provided a free facility of customs duties and taxes to import with the goods under USD 75.

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In addition, DJBC also decided to eliminate the threshold for tax imposition in the framework of imports, where the tax imposition threshold in the previous import was worth USD 75. This new rule indicates that starting from USD 1 already taxed, in accordance with the tax principle that is not known de minimis.

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Also, some are changing from the tariff policy. Previously, the prevailing import duty tariff was in the range of 27.5% for holders of taxpayer identification number (NPWP) and 37.5% for those who could not show or do not have a NPWP. This is with the details of the fixed import duty of 7.5% and value added tax (VAT) of 10% and income tax (PPh) of 10% for the NPWP holder and the imposition of 20% for those who do not hold the NPWP.

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While the latest, the existing tariff policy is lowered to 17.5% for general goods. This is with a fixed import duty details of 7.5%, VAT of 10%, and PPh of 0%. However, the tariff policy does not apply to the three types of goods, namely bags, shoes, and textile products such as clothes. According to DJBC, the third tariff of this item follows the normal or most favored nation (MFN) tariff duties.

This is with detail of import duty tariff for bags of 15%-20%, shoes of 25%-30%, and textile of 15-25%. While the third VAT of the goods remain 10% with PPh of 7.5%-10%. So, in total overall is higher because it aims to protect medium small micro enterprises (MSMES) such as Cibaduyut, Cihampelas, knitting, and others.

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