Coronavirus Facts in China

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Coronavirus Facts in China

Coronavirus Facts in China

Coronavirus Facts in China. The Chinese authority and World Health Organization (WHO) said the new coronavirus is the cause of the widespread pneumonia in downtown Wuhan that has now spread to other parts of the country, even to three other countries, namely Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. Some experts say this type may not be deadly as other types of coronavirus e.g. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

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SARS which kill nearly 800 people worldwide during the 2002-2003 outbreak that also originate in China. Little is known about this new virus, including its origins. But health authorities have confirm the transmission of humans to humans.

The case is already known. On January 21, there were more than 200 confirm cases of patients in China and elsewhere with a new type of Coronavirus. The symptoms of this case include fever, cough, and breathing difficulties.

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As much as 198 patients in Wuhan, four people had die. National and local health authorities in China have also report 21 patients outside Wuhan, including five in Beijing and two in Shanghai. It marks the first example of spreading the virus to other parts of the country with a population of 1.4 billion people.

South Korea on January 20 report a new case of viruses involving a Chinese traveler from Wuhan. Thailand has report two cases of confirm viruses, both of which are Chinese tourists from Wuhan. Japan also confirm a case of Japanese citizens visiting Wuhan.

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In addition to, information on coronavirus. Chinese health authorities are still trying to determine the origin of the virus, which has been link to the seafood market in Wuhan. Authority has confirm the transmission of humans to humans. A total of 15 medical staff in China have been infect. WHO says, the source of animals seems most likely to be the main source of the plague.

Handling. Moreover, there has been no vaccine for this new virus. The Chinese government has increase monitoring and disinfection efforts ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday in late January. Chinese residents start homecoming to their hometown or travel abroad on a new Year’s long holiday.

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Furthermore, airport authorities in the US of Australia, as well as many Asian countries, including Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and South Korea, increase passenger screening from Wuhan. Singapore announce on January 21 that it would quarantine individuals with pneumonia and travel history to Wuhan within 14 days of the onset of symptoms.

As well as, WHO sends guidance to hospitals around the world about prevention and control of infections. Last, the Institute has also establish an emergency expert Committee on January 22 to assess whether the outbreak was an international emergency.

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