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Bank of Korea Cuts Interest Rates

By administrator | May 29, 2020 | BI 7-Days Reverse Repo.

Bank of Korea Cuts Interest Rates. Bank of Korea (BOK) has again cut its benchmark interest rate. As well as, to the lowest level since 1999 in order to save the country’s economy. Moreover, that has been erode by the coronavirus epidemic. Thursday (05/28), the BOK Policy Board decide. The benchmark interest rate would be.


Bank Negara Malaysia Cut Rates

By administrator | May 6, 2020 | BI 7-Days Reverse Repo.

Bank Negara Malaysia Cut Rates. The Malaysian Central Bank or Bank Negara Malaysia cut its benchmark interest rate by 50 bsp to 2% on Tuesday (05/05). For the State Bank of Malaysia, this is the lowest interest rate since.


BI: Still Loosening Monetary Policy

By administrator | August 25, 2019 | BI 7-Days Reverse Repo.

BI: Still Loosening Monetary Policy. Bank Indonesia (BI) decided to cut the benchmark rate of BI 7 Day Reverse Repo Rate (BI 7-DRRR) by 25 Bps, marking trimming for two consecutive months. Nevertheless, the central bank continues to open the opportunity to continue the accommodating monetary policy with a variation of macro prudential policy, Reserve.


Interest Rate Cut Twice

By administrator | July 18, 2019 | BI 7-Days Reverse Repo.

Interest Rate Cut Twice. After having survive with an interest rate of 6% since November 2018, the benchmark interest of Bank Indonesia BI 7-Day Reverse Repo Rate (BI 7-DRRR) is expect to fall. A number of economists are projecting, the decision will be taken by central banks in the Board of Governors Meeting (Rapat Dewan.


Bank Indonesia Intervention Bond Market

By administrator | March 31, 2019 | BI 7-Days Reverse Repo.

Bank Indonesia Intervention Bond Market. Bank Indonesia repeatedly describes the current world is facing global economic slowdown growth and financial market turmoil. Such conditions necessarily cause a pretty heavy pressure against all currencies of countries Emerging Market, including Indonesia. Many emerging market countries which could not survive, including its currency exchange rate position such as, Turkey..


Morgan Stanley: BI Reference Interest Cuts 75 Bps

By administrator | March 17, 2019 | BI 7-Days Reverse Repo.

Notable world investment bank Morgan Stanley (MS) has recently been released his research related to economic and investment strategy in Indonesia. In the research, titled “When Easing Risks Become Reality”, dated March 13, Morgan Stanley made a projection that is quite astounding. They estimate the Bank Indonesia (BI) cut its benchmark interest rate of 75.


BI Rate Impact on Mortgage Interest

By administrator | October 1, 2018 | BI 7-Days Reverse Repo.

BI Rate Impact on Mortgage Interest. Analysis of money supply released by Bank Indonesia (BI) stated, the impact of an increase in interest rates on deposits interests rates against BI began to appear. While the mortgage interest against have not been impacted. BI has raised interest rate reference BI 7-Day Repo Rate of 125 basis.


Bank Indonesia: BI Reference Influence NIM

By administrator | September 6, 2018 | BI 7-Days Reverse Repo.

BI Reference Influence NIM. The decrease in net interest margin (NIM) was influenced by the majority of third-party funds (DPK). DPK has a tenor of the short. So the impact is faster to do a re-pricing on third-party funds than in the credit portfolio. With the dynamics of the exchange rate fluctuations of current, projected.


Interest Rate Hike Impact in 2019

By administrator | September 4, 2018 | BI 7-Days Reverse Repo.

Interest Rate Hike Impact in 2019. As well as, the effect of the rise in interest rates reference BI 7 days reserve repo rate (BI-7DRR). Furthermore, it will be impact in full on loan interest rates in 2019. Moreover, from beginning to end of the year 2018, Bank Indonesia (BI) has raise the interest rates.



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