Alcohol and Beverage Tax up to IDR 7 Trillion

By administrator | December 24, 2019 | Tax.
Alcohol and Beverage Tax up to IDR 7 Trillion

Alcohol and Beverage Tax up to IDR 7 Trillion

Alcohol and Beverage Tax up to IDR 7 Trillion. Tax admission is projected to exceed the target year 2019. One of the supporters is the payment of Ethyl Alcohol (EA) and Beverage Containing Ethyl Alcohol (MMEA). Director General Customs Ministry of Finance, Heru Pambudi said until by the end of this year it predicts the realization of tax acceptance can reach IDR 171 Trillion.

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The realization was 3.32% above the target of 2019 tax revenues worth IDR 165.5 Trillion. While the realization of excise in January-November 2019 worth IDR 139.46 Trillion. To achieve that target, the Indonesian government not only relied on acceptance of EA and MMEA taxes, other than main contributors of tobacco tax (CHT).

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Authorities predicted the performance of EA and MMEA tax revenues reached IDR 7 Trillion specifically in December 2019. The projection is based on the growth trend that took place in the past month. As for the policy, the repayment of excise ribbon and the high-risk tax regulating program (PCBT) became the driving factor of tax acceptance in this year.

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MMEA tax acceptance until the end of November 2019 have reached IDR 6.20 Trillion or grew 15.49% compared to the same period in 2018. The growth of the production of MMEA in Indonesia as a result of increasingly kondusifnya the main market area, became a positive factor of MMEA tax acceptance. While the achievement of EA tax per 30 November 2019 have reached IDR 0.11 Trillion or 70% of its target.

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From the technical side of the repayment of the tax bands in accordance with regulation of the Ministry of Finance (PMK) No. 57/PMK. 04/2017 Order of the tax tape in December year 2019 can be paid in the beginning of the month year 2020. However, bookings until November 2019 will still be settle in the year or year 2019. Base on data of the order of excise tape up to November 2019 that must be paid in December this year is worth IDR 31 Trillion.

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